July 13, 2016

Hold On.

Am I the color of my skin? 
Should I be, 
or maybe cream? 

Will bleach, 
give me a break from heighten stares? 

Do my life, 




It's hard to understand me, 
I know.
It's hard not to fear me, 
I know. 
It's been years of us destroying ourselves, 
I know. 

It's the cards we've been dealt with, 
so we play, 
they play, 
while you watch us score the game.

So much hate, 
eventually someone will cave.

Then it's back to square one, 
H. A. T. E.. 

I'll raise my hands high, 
with my head hanging, 
or held high. 

I'll be brave, 
whether I'm crying, 
or battered 

With a bullet in my chest, 
I'll keep holding on. 

Looking to my Heavenly Father, 
to take me home. 

In Him He'll give me peace. 
No matter these times of war. 

They'll rage,
and I'll sway my hips, 
to the beat of Jesus song.

I'll sing loud and clear, 
so all nations can comprehend, 
the cries of my heart. 

I'm humbled to be Black. 
Blessed, to live amongst stereotypes. 
For God will have more reasons, 
to raise us up. 

I fear not, 
these raging storms. 

Because in every story, 
there is a beginning and an end,
a obstacle,
but when it's all said and done, 
someone always Overcomes.

So don't worry,
dry your eyes, 
don't give in to bitter songs, 
but recognize a change will Come. 

a servant

April 18, 2016

No More

You continue to run and hide. Like a lighting bolt in the sky, you come and go as you please; sometimes leaving fear in the heart of me. But no more, no more running will I allow you to do. Pick up your feet, and shake the dust off before you walk through this door and place your shoes in the corner, out of view. Pick a place on the couch to sit, and take this glass of water. Replenish yourself, and then tell me all that's locked within. No more honey, will I sit back and watch you wallow in self pity and pain. No more, will I be on standby, waiting until you make a decision to standstill. I don't think so, sweetheart. Today, is your last day of running.. Now it's your turn to soak in this place, I call home and watch me take the reigns and show you a different way.
a servant

April 11, 2016

Dear You..

I feel young, wild and free around you. I bask in your youthfulness. You are cherished, loved and welcomed with wide open arms. You came as a surprise to my family and I. For months, we spoke of you quietly. Too afraid to express too much of our hearts about your coming; in case you didn't survive. 

We knew who you would be and how you would be to us before you came. As you were born, you became the life we needed to keep surviving in this sometimes unforgiving world. Such a lovely, sometimes breathless soul. Constantly keeping me on my toes, and to keep growing all the more. 

Dear Nephew, you are my joy; the first of my family. A son, I wish to someday have as beautiful as you. At times I don't believe I can love you more, but then another day goes by and I laugh at your many different surprises. I wonder can I love another child as much as I love you. I guess I'll have to have my own someday or live long enough to watch my siblings become parents. 

I hope to always be there for you, no matter what, in each stage of your life. I hope to always love you, no matter how many more children are introduced into my families world. I hope to always remember, and appreciate you. I love you..

Your Aunt

February 8, 2016

Man & Woman

Hands that have been perfectly carved. To provide, lift up and shield life from harm. Feet that has borne the burdens of shame, heaviness and blame. 

A back that has been beaten, eyes that has grown tired and a life that has traveled weary. Who, can tame and wear the mask for you, Dear man? 

A provider, yes you are. Beyond average but a man you are. Tell me, whom is the woman that can respect and cherish you? 

Whom is the flower that can touch the fur of a hungry lion and feed his back, the cushion it needs, for when it's time for his rest? 

Speak, softly the spirit he needs, to thrive for days on end? Hold your peace, keep your stance but grow all the more, to be more than he could ask? 

Respect the pride he often wears, but gently teach, that there is a new side he can wear? Water his garden, from the bruises he took on his shoulders? 

Have you been taught, to walk, see, talk as a lady? Wear the coat of wisdom, and silence your tongue, when he grows blinded and mangled? 

Listen, even when you cannot understand? Grow past the emotions, that often keeps you hidden, beautiful woman. Not strip yourself to be his slave, but give him his needs, in doses, as faith caters to your needs.

Whom is the woman, that can endure, the gift of being a lady? To love and honor, a soul, that needs the understanding of a woman? Our power lies not in our empowerment, but in our ability to submit, to the one that has proven, to be the protector of our light. May you learn, the importance of being, a wife. 

a servant