February 8, 2016

Man & Woman

Hands that have been perfectly carved. To provide, lift up and shield life from harm. Feet that has borne the burdens of shame, heaviness and blame. 

A back that has been beaten, eyes that has grown tired and a life that has traveled weary. Who, can tame and wear the mask for you, Dear man? 

A provider, yes you are. Beyond average but a man you are. Tell me, whom is the woman that can respect and cherish you? 

Whom is the flower that can touch the fur of a hungry lion and feed his back, the cushion it needs, for when it's time for his rest? 

Speak, softly the spirit he needs, to thrive for days on end? Hold your peace, keep your stance but grow all the more, to be more than he could ask? 

Respect the pride he often wears, but gently teach, that there is a new side he can wear? Water his garden, from the bruises he took on his shoulders? 

Have you been taught, to walk, see, talk as a lady? Wear the coat of wisdom, and silence your tongue, when he grows blinded and mangled? 

Listen, even when you cannot understand? Grow past the emotions, that often keeps you hidden, beautiful woman. Not strip yourself to be his slave, but give him his needs, in doses, as faith caters to your needs.

Whom is the woman, that can endure, the gift of being a lady? To love and honor, a soul, that needs the understanding of a woman? Our power lies not in our empowerment, but in our ability to submit, to the one that has proven, to be the protector of our light. May you learn, the importance of being, a wife. 

a servant

February 3, 2016

Woman & Man

The smell of comfort, worn on a woman's skin. The pound of her heart, heard from a distance. Eyes, that has seen past the walls of a man's heart. Yet, she's driven by passion, to collect the life, she's always imagined. 

Whom is the man, to enter into her winners circle? To give her the freedom to groom and teach, as you witness her blossom and bloom? Listen to her cries at night, her whimpering 'Hold me, Hold me tight, Never let me go, like a thief in the night' 

Will you crave to protect her blistering hollowed days and cold nights? Is this woman, something to fear? Yet, the scream of wisdom, gives chills up the spines, of many. Can you hearken unto that yielding woman? That shielding woman? That vulnerable woman? Sweet, deserving, giving woman?

Are you ready, for the pull and tug, in your heart, that says something is missing? Perhaps, you'll leave her aimlessly waiting, on your return.. Giving her long nights and painful weekends, lonely days and unfulfilled desires.. Maybe you can be the one she needs. I just hope you can recognize, the woman of your dreams. And give her the experience of a man, getting down on one knee.

a servant

October 9, 2015

a Sinners Prayer.

Heavenly Father, I ask that you forgive me for my sins. I accept that your Son, Jesus died on the cross for my sins. I realize I have been walking a path that goes against all that you stand for. Today, I want to give my life over to You. Jesus, please show me a better way of living. Give me the courage to stand up for what is right. Open my eyes to see the world for what it truly is. Teach me your very nature. Give me the Will to go forward in You. God, show me myself, the things I need to change. Come into my heart, bring me out of death, and put me unto the path of everlasting life. Show me why, I should follow you and give me strength to resist the enemy as I journey in Salvation. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen

Pray this, and seek God. Ask Jesus to show you your heart, and within this prayer, believe and you shall be set Free. May whomever is meant to receive this prayer, be given the peace to go forward in you Christ. In your name Jesus, Amen.

Grace, can and will be given to all who dares to go forward in Christ..

Read Romans: Chapter 10 Verses 8-13 KJV. If you do not have a Bible, Click Here.

October 8, 2015


Recently, I've been given the insight of Trust. It is something we as children seek to feel, although we are ignorant to what we are searching for. These feelings are meant to be built up into us as children, when we have been blessed to be given parents, or individuals that are equipped to show us a way of love.

Sadly, in this day and age, Trust isn't something most feel is important. It is easily overlooked now. Something that does not need to be paid attention to. Nowadays, people believe they automatically deserve someone's Trust. They believe in themselves so much, they become blinded as to why, this one individual cannot just easily 'believe in them.'

We must remember. That not everyone has come from the same backgrounds. Some come from abused families, others have came from a family without a parent, or both, parents that are on drugs, or families that are broken, whatever the case may be, not everyone has been blessed to see Trust for what it is. It takes time.

With men, they are given a godlike ability to want or should I say need, the faith of the woman. Unfortunately, most men haven't learned the art of giving a woman comfort first. Women are most vulnerable, because it is our job to give the nurturing guidance, only a woman is equipped to provide in life.

It is only understandable in a woman needing an emotional connection, and a man wanting the belief in his abilities to provide for his woman or family. We are in a power struggle. For women are blessed with the sight to see far and beyond, but often forget to have compassion in this trait. We see, what sometimes men overlook and it causes us to forget, you cannot receive what you want, in a demeanor that is, in the eyes of a man 'controlling.'

Men must also take into account, the feelings of a woman, and why she is saying the things she is saying. If you take the time to Listen, you would begin to see another side of her. You will be able to understand her frustrations, her weaknesses and be more sorrowful in your actions, and that can in fact, help enhance your peace and cease the fighting.

I've learned in Christ. Jesus gives us His Character. Once you have went through the fire, you come out more able and willing to understand on a much deeper and clearer level. You of course, still be a woman, and you a man, but you now get to see more of the world and your spouse. In fact, in Christ, Jesus shows you the importance of having a Character, if you dare listen to His advice. You must have a ear for Truth first.

For an example: In business they teach you, how to effectively have a trusting and successful business. They however only give you ways to go about your business to gain the trust of your customers, but not how to become a trustworthy individual.

In Christ. You wouldn't need instructions on how to be a good person, for it will already be given to you, if you are walking a righteous and faithful path. He will begin to order your steps and give you the tools within. You wouldn't want a shady practice, or need to know what it takes to gain TRUST. For it is something your conscience has already been feeling, and that feeling is not wanting to run anything, that can denounce your Character. Others may speak against you, but something within you, will fight to give anything other than what can rightfully benefit others.

Trust is easy to build, when you realize it is something of importance. It shows what you value the most. It can either break people, in your lack of care for others feelings. Or it can either build them, for your care of others.

Yes, I understand sometimes frustrations can upset you women, dealing with men that haven't learned what you need first, in order to Trust them. And, I understand men, your feelings towards dealing with women that have grown unbearable. But, if you both listen to one another and grieve not each other, and take into account what is needed for you both to move forward in Trust. You will start noticing, more of you and what you need to grow in.

So, women, instead of getting nowhere with being demanding, and speaking on all the flaws of men, or to women. Begin to work on yourself, and grow into a much brighter Character. And in your Change, change will come. You cannot change a man, only help him grow. You cannot receive happiness, if you are constantly in turmoil. Put your Trust in Christ, and Christ will put His Trust in you.

How do you begin to work on you? Ask God for forgiveness, and Jesus to show you the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Say, Heavenly Father, I come to you in the Name of your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ and I ask that you make me into a new person, and show me the things I need to change about myself and give me the strength to obey what you show me. Touch my heart, so that I may feel and give love correctly. Show me another way of living, another way of being and forgive me for the things, I cannot see yet, but show me, so that I may properly work on me, and follow you, in Spirit and in Truth. Amen.