April 21, 2015

Carry On.

We slipped,
We stumbled,
We fell,

But the carriers,
the Carriers know they must rise again,
Carry on.

We slip,
We stumble,
and sometimes we fall, 

But it's the getting up again, 
knowing the importance of carrying on.


You said to watch and pray,
lest we fall into divers temptations,
so let us watch and pray without ceasing.


Go before us,
make our paths straight,
guide our steps,
throughly cleanse our tongues,
purify our hearts,
renew our minds,
keep our flesh from going against your nature,
humbling our spirit so we may submit unto your Will.

It was Impossible, who showed us all how to lay down our lives, so we may live. 

Though the chains try to bind us, and hold us captive, we know we are free because you said so in your Word. 

Thank you, for your Grace and Mercy, it truly is sufficient.


April 19, 2015

Feed me.

Desires of the world is lost, 
wish to not touch, 
the needs of my flesh. 

Want to not eat, 
want to not drink, 
unless it's here to clean, 
my souls distress. 

Love to sit, and hear, 
a spirit confess, 
of the goodness and mercy, 
one lived in with rest. 

If my eyes could soar, 
I'll pray, it soars, 
high above the clouds, 
I look down no more. 

Can a vow be enough, 
to do no more, 
of the things, 
He's against? 

May words and writings, 
be enough, to gain, 
the Lord's respect? 

I want to live, 
according to the word, 
and not guess, 
if my loves enough,
to be blessed. 

I must live, 
and do right, 
in spirit and truth, 
until my soul can rest.

April 9, 2015

The Connection.

I looked, we looked, they looked. The trees told me so many stories today. The trees spoke, as I spoke back. The connection they have for one another. Many communications among them, yet who can understand?

I saw the roots connect into a tree, as the tree gave life to the branches. Thirsty for a touch, thirsty for water, as the sun grew and grew, pouring light. Telling them to hold on, one day you will be freed.

Tears couldn't escape, almost escaped, for the freedom of the earth.

Leaves fall and whiter, dry up and stay building on top of each other. Dry, cracked and stepped on, they die. No root, no connection to bring them back home, but their fallen, lives with them. Together they grow daily, blow away daily, stepped on daily. No connection to a root, but they find a way to stay together, biding their time before there is no time. No root, but still here to where my eyes can see. They live, live in the eyes of the ones that sees them.

Have you forgotten, the ones in your life? The connection is lost.. Lost. No souls can connect in this broken city. Show me the body that makes one, but filled with many, working towards the beauty that created you. Show me, what your eyes have been exposed to in He. SHOW ME, SHOW ME, the SALT. Where is the salt? Hypocrisy lives, so do Change. 

They were here before you, before I. Yet, look around at the ground, see the mistakes we've made once in our youth. The mistakes we caused our food to suffer through. The roots are here, built on Wisdom, there are traces to it all, so intelligent is He.

It takes time before the seasons change, time to grow a tree from it's roots. It's the connection we have with time. The time it takes to build and lose, to be forsaken and remembered and time to correct the wrong doings. We can grow as the root grew from the soil. Patience. Can the fallen away work hard to connect to the body, the root, the mind that started it all?

April 4, 2015


Often taken aback by the time used to forget, the remembrance doesn't have time to sink in. Learn from mistakes they say, with their mouths only will they say. Repeats after repeats, because the ears block-out wisdom often taken as noise. Silent screams as the nurturers are forced to bear and forbear, withstanding all that's placed mindlessly without a day of rest; even with burdens One must carry on.

The beauty of strength isn't knowing you're "strong," it's being strong.

It's standing when what's opposing is the size of a multitude.
It's persevering though the flesh is weakening.
It's speaking through the deafness; words that appear to fall (fail).
It's the faith that tells you to walk, yet seeing not what awaits.
It's tears that prevents drowning within you.
It's one's darkness in the night; reminding day in and day out // Light is present, alway.
It's fighting despite the deep callings of temptations; internal conflicts.
It's loving the Truth and choosing to live by it. // the Word is everlasting.
It's choosing Life, even when the addictions of pain feel like a beautiful death.
It's the narrow path you choose; though there be plenteous, widened and abruptly shortened.
It's His unconditional Love; loving others even as He also loved you.

It's knowing and believing the Lord is our strength.

- Psalms 27 || KJV